How to install tri-fold tonneau cover?

If you are the owner of a pickup truck, you may already be considering adding a tri-fold tonneau cover to it. It wouldn’t be a bad choice—not only do truck bed covers can protect your cargo and other valuables from the bad weather, but they also can reduce drag for better fuel efficiency and improve the exterior appearance of your truck.

Installing a tri-fold tonneau cover is a relatively simple task, but still involves a number of important steps.

In this video, we will introduce you to how to install a tri-fold tonneau cover. Each tonneau cover is custom-fitted for your specific truck and designed to install easily in about 30 minutes or less.

To get started, remove the cover, side rails, cab and tail rails, bows, clamps, and hardware from the packaging and lay it out on a flat surface that gives you plenty of space to work. Follow along with the video as we work with you through each step from feeding the tarp dowel into the cab rail, to connecting the side and cabin end rails, to installing the frame on your truck bed.

Be ready to install your hard tri-fold tonneau cover to improve the appearance and functionality of your truck from now on!