The comparison between full width, bull bar and stubby bumper

There are a huge variety of options available when it comes to front bumpers. It can be quite easy to get overwhelmed with so many options and can be a tedious task to know from where to begin the search. Our guide to a comparison between full-width bumper, bull bar and stubby bumper explains the various pros and cons of each of these options and will hopefully help you to make an informed decision on a bumper replacement.

1. Full-Width Bumper

These types of bumpers basically span from one side of your Jeep Wrangler to the other side. They frequently have end caps that extends in front of the fenders. The steel bumper provides an added level of protection. It is suggested to use these type of bumpers if you plan on having stock-size tires or the even slightly larger ones. However, bigger tires will cause interference with full-width bumpers. These type of bumpers are designed to provide protection to the rigs in wooded environments. These bumpers keep the branches and brush from puncturing your vehicle's tire and damaging your vehicle's body and fenders. Full-width bumpers provide a subtly aggressive look to your vehicle.


Advantages of Full-Width Bumper

These type of bumpers provides the most protection to your vehicle as compared to other mid and stubby bumpers. As they go all around the circumference of your vehicle, it protects the overall vehicle from all the sides. It offers a higher level of protection from front and rear collision. In addition to its protection, full-width bumpers also serve your vehicle in terms of aesthetics. It provides an aggressive look to your vehicle.

Disadvantages of Full-Width Bumper

As full-width bumpers offer overall protection to the vehicle, it also increases the amount of weight that the vehicle needs to carry. In terms of weight, full-width bumpers are the heaviest choice and will also have a substantial amount of impact on your vehicle's gas mileage. Out of all the three options listed in this post, full-width bumpers are the most costly.

2. Bull bar

These types of bumpers basically wrap all the way around your vehicle but stop just before the fenders and tires. These bumpers span over the outer edge of taillights and headlights. Though these bumpers are narrower, they still offer a better level of protection. Mid-width bumpers are suitable if you are planning to have slightly oversized tires and some suspension modifications. It has a better level of clearance as compared to full-width bumpers.


Advantages of Mid-Width Bumper

These types of bumpers provide more or less the same level of protection as compared to full-width bumpers. However, there is a considerable reduction in weight and cost of mid-width bumpers as opposed to full-width bumpers. When going off-road, these bumper type provides better space for tire articulation. It is a great variant for your vehicle as it provides good protection and at the same time is not much expensive.

Disadvantages of Mid-Width Bumper

The only disadvantage that the mid-width bumper has, that it leaves the vehicle completely exposed during the quarter or direct impacts. In such instances, your vehicle can be seriously damaged which can result in more maintenance and repair expenses.

3. Stubby Bumper

This type of bumper is the shortest in comparison to the other two bumpers. It leaves some of the corners of the vehicle exposed as compared to the other two models, which more or less provides overall protection to the vehicle. The main purpose of the stubby bumper is to protect the lights and grille area. These type of bumpers also enables the use of oversized tires. You can even opt for significant suspension upgrades. These bumpers are highly functional and provide the best clearance in comparison to the other two bumper types. Many of the stubby bumpers can also house a winch and doesn't even need permanent modification to it.

Advantages of Stubby Bumper

These type of bumpers are the cheapest and lightest bumpers as compared to the full and mid-width bumpers, discussed above. In addition to the weight and cost, stubby bumpers also provide the maximum ground clearance when off-road.

Disadvantages of Stubby Bumpers

As compared to the other two bumpers discussed above, these bumper option provides the least amount of protection to the fenders and wheels of your vehicle. It is simply a horizontal frame for your vehicle.

What suits you the Best?

If you’re a Jeep Wrangler JK owner, Oedro bumper provides an option for a varying number of needs. Different people will have different preferences and thus the style of the bumper which suits you the best will also differ. If you are looking for something which is not expensive and less heavy, then stubby bumper is the right option for you. However, if you want more protection for your vehicle then the full-width and mid-with bumpers can be a better option. The entire weight plays an important role in selecting the bumper replacement of your vehicle. The lighter the weight of the bumper, the better the mileage and your vehicle's performance will be. Heavy bumpers are good for off-roading, but it is something that will affect your vehicle's gas mileage. If you prefer more ground clearance during off-roading, the stubby bumper is the best amongst all. Though when it comes to full width and mid-width bumpers, they more or less provide the same functionality. Mid-width bumpers are a less expensive option than the full-width bumper and a full-width bumper provides an added level of safety around the corners of your vehicle.

List out your preferences and requirements and then read our guide to determine, which type of bumpers suits the best for your vehicle. OEDRO is known for its Jeep Wrangler JK bumpers and is something definitely worth having a look at.